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About Dr. Duben.

After suffering a serious low-back injury and almost giving up hope of recovery, a chiropractor helped Dr. Duben get back on his feet in less than a week. No wonder he joined the profession that changed his life dramatically. With a BS in Kinesiology from CSU-Sacramento, followed by pre-med courses, he went on to graduate cum laude from the Palmer College of Chiropractic West. He received The Clinical Excellence Award, their highest award for clinical excellence.

As a primary care physician he is dedicated to educating you on the mechanics of your body and how its different systems work together.

Your body functions as a complete system. When one part of your system is not working properly, it creates blockages that lead your brain to transmit incorrect signals to your body, causing pain, discomfort and other disturbances. Mental or emotional stress, or unhealthy foods such as hydrogenated oils or aspartame can disrupt the flow of information from your brain, with the same results.

Dr. Duben uses the gentle touch of Applied Kinesiology to identify where your system is out of balance. Then he adjusts your body and optimizes your nutrition to redirect information to the right place so that you can regain balance.

He firmly believes that many health problems can be treated through nutrition, supplementation and holistic healing. From organic food to vitamins to an overall healthy life-style, Dr. Duben walks his talk. That’s what he models to his patients. He will accept only the best for you.

Call Dr. Duben today at 805 • 494 • 1339 to schedule an appointment. Find out how Applied Kinesiology can help you lead a happy, healthy life.


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Hear from our patients

I am writing this letter to let you know what a change you have made in my life. Before I started the purification program I had daily heartburn. The heartburn is gone completely and I feel great. I can not thank you enough for making me feel so wonderful. You have a great desire to heal people the natural way without drugs or chemicals. God bless you and everyone you help.

— C.J.

Due to a kidney disorder, my kidneys do not filter correctly, so they were always working too hard. My doctor discovered blood, protein, and white blood cells in my urine and was very concerned; this has been going on for over 30 years. I was in the hospital three times in 2008 alone due to all of my issues. I was constantly dealing with urinary tract infections and was on antibiotics pretty much constantly. However, since the Purification Program, I no longer have blood, protein, or white bloods cells in my urine. What’s more, I have not had to take any antibiotics since being on the cleanse! To me, the cleanse is not a “diet.” Rather, it is a new way of life.

— J.D.

I think Dr. Duben is an exceptional health practitioner, (he is top of his class!) with great depth of knowledge and intuitive insight into his patients and their needs. His desire is to truly heal us from the inside out and he gets as excited as I do when there is improvement.

— J.H.

I am so happy to have found Dr. Duben and will confidently send others to him. I have always believed in chiropractic, but the Kinesiology and nutritional counseling in conjunction with adjustments is what it took for me to really get better. I’m going to continue with treatments so I can progress even further in healing… It is such a relief to be back to my old self!

— J.M.

Long after a flu virus, I was still not feeling well. I had not regained my activity level and had less and less energy. I was looking for the right supplements for me. I had been taking vitamins but not feeling any better. Dr. Duben determined which natural supplements and what amounts were right for me. We began working with all three components of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, and Nutrition. Within two months, I was receiving compliments from friends saying: “You look like you are feeling better.” I now have more energy to play with my grandchildren.

— K.M.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful I am that our family found you. I was barely able to walk because of disc problems in my back when I first saw you last year.
I believe in miracles, but haven’t experienced very many; but I truly believe I witnessed a miracle in your office. At the first visit, you were able to dramatically relieve the back pain I suffered. Since then, I have enjoyed a greater quality of life and have stayed off the surgeon’s knife, hopefully for good.

— M.M.

Dr. Duben is a godsend. He has altered my life by relieving me of the pain I thought I was doomed to experience throughout my second pregnancy. I had already experienced extreme discomfort and almost lost my ability to walk with my first pregnancy so when I started feeling shooting pains through my legs even earlier with this new pregnancy, I glumly sought out help, not expecting any great results. I couldn’t have been happier to be wrong. After a through initial consultation, Dr. Duben identified problem areas in my body’s alignment as well as my nutritional deficiencies, which may have contributed to them. With his careful guidance and gentle adjustments, I feel as good as I did before gaining the 30 additional pregnant pounds – while still chasing after my crazy two year old!

— R.N.

When I was 16 years old, I started getting stomachaches after I ate my meals. It wasn’t a sharp pain, but more of a long throbbing ache that took a few hours to go away. It made me tired, nauseous, and it interfered with my daily activities. My stomach pains soon led to the discomfort of bouts of constipation that could last up to a week or more at times.

It was painful to eat my meals and then sit at my desk in front of a computer for 8 hours. I would go home stressed out and frustrated because it had been 6 years of the same pain.

It has been 8 months since Dr. Duben and I started our work together and we are basically maintaining and “fine-tuning” my body and managing the daily stresses of life. I cannot remember my last IBS bout. Thanks Dr. Duben

— TB, age 23


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